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Ian's place
The New Year 2002


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On the night of December 31st, 2001, we showed Pier 1 what it was really about; great times, great friends, and lots of crazy moments.

A little of bit of New Year's cheer...

2 lovely ladies and a bit of Ryan and I

Good and drunk revellers

Sheena, my alter ego, and Selange

Da boys!

A few of the boys towards the end of the night

Wes always was the ladies man... just look at Daniela and you'll see what I mean!

Wes and Selange

Who took this picture???

Half of Randy, a lot of Selange and a little of me.

That's my hat!

The inseparable duo of Selange and Sheena.

Tommy Boy, Sheena, Me

Wes, Sheena, and Myself

Get on bad wesly!!!!

Here's wes being held up by the girls. This was just after his new year solo.

Not us again...

Wes, Sheena, and I again

Salon Selectives and I

Need I say anything?


An angel.

Aye yaye yaye

Selange and Sheena showing their pre-festive beauty.

I am one bad ass mo fo.

Tommy Boy up close and personal

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