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Ian's place
The New Year 00-01


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This is a combination of pictures from New Year's Eve '99 and '00. Sorry for all the pictures here... this might take forever to load.

3 of us

Ryan, myself and the infamous DINK!!!

Hot Hot Hot

5 super sexy ladies...

These girls bring a new meaning to FINE!!!

More lovely ladies.

Ryan... enjoying the lap dance?

Ryan and Darah... they look good together but nothing ever happened.

Daniel, Grover, and Shaun

Daniel, Grove and Shaun just kickin back

Viza, Daniela, and Nate Dawg.

The two Canadians, Wes and Nathan... and of course you never see Wes without Daniela.

2 Hot 2 Handle...

How hot are they? I don't think I've ever seen Sacha and Melissa lookin so good.

Everyone looking exhausted

Everyone looking grim... must have been late.

The one and only - LoLo

Here's Laura. I think she's found her calling... as a pole dancer.

Don't we look good?

Here's me, Sacha, and Ryan. Damn we look good...

Natalie, Me, and Sacha

Natalie, Me and Sacha