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The Islands


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Here are pictures from D.D.I. (Down de Islands)... they took place at various times, but you all should know what's going on.

A few of us at a fete d.d.i.

Me, Nathan, Wes, Terry, Daniela, Melissa. All at a fete during summer.

Some more of us infront of the fete

A bunch of us infront of an island fete. Summer 00'.

Fete last summer

This was the fete. Good times by the waterside, can't get much better than that.

Us in my boat

A few of us out in my boat.

Drula, why you always gotta be doin that?

Nathan, Me and Terry. One day someone called Nate "Pubic Hair Head" but Nathan beat the guy up afterwards so it doesn't matter.

Wait... these guys don't drink!

James and Jimmy... today's innocent, tomorrow's alcoholics!

Everyone trying to look sexy but Daniel's just tooo white.

Terrance, Daniel and Jesus in the back of my boat.

Wesly and Daniela

Wes and Danny... need I say more?

Sacha and Melissa

Sacha and Melissa... what would anyone do without them?

Josh and I

Josh and I chillin down on Chac.

What the hell???

$1,000,000 to anyone who can guess what's going on. Not really, but I thought this was pretty cool.