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Ian's place


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Here are some pictures from ISPS Graduation over the past two years.

Jen, Me, LoLo and Jim

Jenny, Me lookin all preppy, LoLo, and Jim

Lynn, Dan, Karen, McNumbnuts

Here's Lynn, Daniel, Karen... and the one and only McNumbnuts.

James and Me

This was picture we took looking into the camera, I think it came out pretty good.

3 Guys and a Hot Girl.

From right to left... Me, James, Jimmy and Kathy. This was the summer when James and Jim came down and stayed with me for a few weeks.

James and Jenny... down boy!!

With the way Jenny was looking that night, I garuntee you James was horny...

Wes and Daniela

Wes and Daniela... together again. This is the only couple I know where both of them are whipped!