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The Islands 2002


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One of my favorite things at home is going down the islands. Here is a collection of photos from the Xmas holidays of 2001-2002.

Does this make you homesick?

Wes, Ryan, Selange and Sheena in the boat.

Sexy gyal and dem

I'm feeling hot, hot, hot...

Someone forgot about the ZOOOOOOM button

Ryan and I looking our best, far from good but good from far.


three hotties and Ryan.


I wanna be a supermodel...

More of the liming crew

You've seen this one already...

Row row row your boat... damn it woman! FASTER!

Nathan being taken for a ride

Save me wes, I can't swim

My drunk ass drowning Wes

On 3 Drink...1...2...

Abe, Ryan, and Rich

One lucky guy

If only this picture was clearer you could see how lucky I was.

Wes, Ryan, Sheena and Selange

Ryan, Selange, Sheena and of course WESLY!!!

sweet gyals

Three stunning ladies...

Tilt your head 90 degrees to the right and it all becomes clear.

Stunning... so hot they sparkle.

Nothing like clear, warm Trini water

Swim, stop, smile for the camera, swim some more...

Angostura... here we come

Me and Nathan... I know the picture is dark, but that's because of our tans.

Dink, Ryan, Wes, Randy and Abe

A few of the guys, the ones who melt when wet. Lame bastards who refused to swim.

Yes, it's just a view

Just a view.

Scary aren't we?

Self taken picture of Ryan, Myself, and Randy

The real fellas

All the guys...