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Ian's place
The Holiday: Dec 01 - Jan 02


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And this was it... the trip, the holiday, the unbelievably good times. Enjoy.

What do you know... it's Me and Ryan

Self photo of Ryan and I.

Friday's magic.

Selange and I.

Drunk girls...

The girls after Friday in the their usual drunken state.

No more rum.... please... no more rum.

The best place to take a nap, on my slide.

Boys for life...

Rich couldn't stand up here so I helped him out.

Don't they look good together

Ryan and Sheena at Trotters.

Where the hell was I???

Sheena and Salami in my pool.

De Friday's Lime

Here's a few of us at Fridays. This was my last night.

The chicks at Fridays

The chicas at Fridays.


Selange and I at Trotters... man, they have this drink the Caiparahna, a full glass of Brazilian Rum, so damn good.

Another glamorous self photo

Self picture of Dink and I

Mario hurry... the food is getting cold

The 5AM break at One Stop

Lime at the Depoo mansion

Wes' last night, spent at Dinks.

2 gorgeous ladies

Sheena and Selange

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