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The Cliffs


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When ever we go down the islands, we never pass up the opportunity to see who wants to jump off centepede island. It's basically a tradition. We have had mostly good times, but a few bad falls too. It's 60 feet high, what do you expect?

Daniel thinking twice?

Here's Daniel up on top of 3rd peak (Highest jump point).

"What the hell am I doing?"

It's Daniel in mid-flight!

It's a family affair

There's Daniel talking some wisdom into Sarah before she jumps. And yes, those two tiny specs are them... it's freakin high you know.

I'm too sexy for this cliff...

A closer view of the cliff and some strange people who wanted to jump it.

Jesus will do anything, I think he's jumped 3 times

Jesus preparing for impact

Sarah at 100mph

There's Sarah... she gets a 10 for form.

Mad props to everyone who has jumped. It takes guts and a bit of pain to walk the walk. I would list everyone that I know of who has jumped, but I am afraid I'd leave someone out!


For the slightly less timid and more sane person there is a cliff known as Lans Power. Easily 20-25 ft it still provides a thrilling jump.

The ants go marching one by one...

Another benefit about this cliff is it is easily accessible and can be jumped multiple times in a row. Centeped Island however is one way up and one way down-jump.